The Request

Engineering businesses rely heavily on graphic and design software, meaning that their hardware needs to be powerful enough to support the necessary software packages in order to function efficiently. AGT were tasked with building an extremely powerful setup capable of flawlessly running the required software and applications.

The Analysis

Research into the CAD software gave us a minimum hardware requirement needed, but running the software on the minimum required specifications wouldn’t produce the outstanding results that AGT strive towards. So we started with the basics and looked into how we could make a machine that would exceed expectations.

The Solution

The first step was to see how powerful we could make the machine whilst also keeping within the cost budget of the customer. Having trusted sources and suppliers can be critical in the IT industry and AGT has built solid working relationships with some of the best suppliers available.

We began by sourcing the necessary items of hardware, factoring in compatibility to ensure possible hardware conflicts wouldn’t arise. When building a high powered machine it’s vital to take into consideration the cooling and ventilation of the unit – the more power the machine has and the harder it works, the hotter it gets! Therefore a spacious unit with sufficient cooling is a must.

Obviously when working with graphics and design packages the ability to see your work in great detail is paramount, so for maximum effect we set up three large, High Definition LCD monitors.

The Outcome

The final result was a high-end machine comprising of technologies such as dual graphics cards, an i7 core processor, an abundance of memory, a solid-state hard drive, modular power supply and multiple HD monitors enabling the user to see their work on a spanned layout.

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