The Request

Due to the success of the work AGT carried out at the hotel, we were once again approached to carry out work on the hotels brand new expansion project. Situated just 50 metres away from the main hotel, this building required a full technical solution creating from the bottom up.

The Analysis

With this being a new installation we weren’t forced to use any existing infrastructure, therefore giving us free reign to implement the best, most effective technologies available. This would include a full refurbishment and wiring, wireless network points, VOIP phones, CCTV and a wireless door locking/key-card system.

The Solution

Working with electricians we helped compose the structure of the cabling throughout the building, forming part of the foundation required for the technologies that were to be installed. Once in place the networks could begin to be built.

As with the parent hotel, access points were installed throughout the new building, once again utilising a VLAN for the wireless connections and VOIP phones that use POE cables to transfer data as well as power.

CCTV with DVR was set up and configured on the network. Part of this configuration allows the CCTV to be checked from anywhere with an internet connection, which enables an excellent element of security.

AGT worked with SALTO Systems to set up and implement the wireless access key-card system for the new building.

The Outcome

At the end of the project was a plush, technologically advantaged building with full wireless access, a low carbon footprint and exceptional detail right down to the networks chrome faceplates. But what makes this stand out is that this building is unmanned (yet secure) with no server housed on the site. Making this essentially an IT maintenance-free building!

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