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Cloud Anti-Spam for business email

Your inbox is busy enough – don’t waste time with spam emails! Take back your email and make sure you receive the emails that need your attention, not the ones that waste your time and potentially harm your system.
Use cloud antispam for business email and:
• Receive cloud email filtering that eliminates spam messages
• Take advantage of email continuity service
• Ensure you never lose a message with email archive

Cut Down on Spam
With cloud antispam for business email, you can block up to 99.99% of spam emails. That can make a big difference to your business:
• Save time by reducing the number of emails you need to look at; and
• Keep your system safe and your data secure by reducing the amount of malware you receive through spam messages

Make it Easy
With our cloud antispam for business email service, you receive comprehensive protection against all types of spam email, from the merely annoying to the potentially dangerous. And with AGT, protecting yourself against spam, malware, and viruses is hassle free because we handle all the filtering.
So you enjoy the benefits of a more efficient inbox.

Advanced Spam Protection (Per user Per Year) £15.50
Advanced Spam Protection with Mail Continuity (Per user Per Year) £19.50

Take back your email. Talk to AGT about advanced spam protection by calling NUMBER or email EMAIL.