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Backup / Disaster Recovery

Regularly backing up your files is one of the most important things you can do! It is estimated that as much as 30 percent of computer users have never backed up their files. Ever. If a disaster struck that left their hard drives permanently disabled, how could they ever recover their files? Businesses can’t afford to lose any data, be it customer or corporate – it is absolutely vital that you perform regular system backups to protect both yourself and others.

On-site Backup

When it comes to data backup, there are two main options: on-site backup, and off-site backup. Both have their distinct advantages as well as disadvantages.

On-site backup is useful because all of your data remains immediately accessible. Your data is stored on external drives or some other method of storage, and stays on-site at all times. This is particularly useful if you wind up in a situation where you need that stored data right away – sometimes off-site storage centres might be offline for maintenance, meaning that your stored data will be offline for the duration, too. On-site data backup services can help ensure that your important information is safely stored away in case of technological malfunction or user error.

Disaster Recovery

You never know when a disaster may strike. Anything from a case of severe weather to an electrical storm can severely damage a network — and while it’s hard to put a monetary value on all that lost data, it’s certain to be quite expensive. To avoid this, backup all of your system software and information on a regular basis.

Performing a cloud backup is particularly well advised, and using a professional service such as AGT Computer Services can help safeguard your systems. Storing files in the cloud is added protection from any harmful event that may occur. A cloud backup can either involve a subscription backup service or an off-site FTP server with the backup performed over the Internet.

Data Storage Trends Over Time

Over the course of the next few years, data storage will see a transition in format. 512-byte sector hard disk drives will be changing to 4,096-byte sector drives. This may present an issue with users of Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2011. This sector, also known as 4K or 4KB, is reliable and has an increased capacity, but may cause issues in compatibility with current software applications and operating systems. If you use Windows, it’s important to stay on top of this issue to ensure a smooth transition. Regularly backing up your data can help ensure that your storage will remain secure.

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