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Wireless Solutions

Driven by the increasing need to be connected to the internet at all times during the business day, wireless solutions is an important area of support to consider for your business. Don’t find yourself stuck with spotty service that acts up with certain devices – you deserve service that will ensure that all of your wireless needs are met, regardless of the device in question.

With our wireless solutions, you can:

  • Help ensure the security of your network and avoid malicious attacks.
  • Create and maintain different profiles for various classes of users, including guest internet access as well as corporate access.
  • Keep your network optimized and your users connected at all times.
  • Maintain safe cabling standards.
  • Implement multiple Wi-Fi access points if needed.

Fully managed Wi-Fi is just that – fully managed. That means that you receive the services from our highly skilled and experienced technicians who will take the time to help you decide what wireless, server, and cabling solution is best for your particular needs. In many cases, much of the work can even be done off-site and then installed on-site once properly configured. This means that your downtime will always be minimal, even during installation. There are also many different solutions from which to choose, including options that use POE saving energy power, auto-roaming, and bandwidth management.

You need a service that helps setup and maintain your network, and our wireless solutions do just that. Whether you need a network with more advanced “tiered” user access or just a basic access system, we can help provide a secure and reliable network that works across devices and helps keep your business connected to the internet.

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