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Hosting / Domain Services
Annual Hosting Per Domain £139.99 Per Year
Unlimited Domains £239.99 Per Year Domain Purchase £15.00 Two Years
 .com Domain Purcahse £30.00  Two Years


Office 365 Services 
Office 365 Exchange Online  £2.50  User Per Month
Office 365 Business (Full Office, No Email)  £7.00  Per month
 Office 365 Business Premium (Full Office, Email, OneDrive)  £9.40  User Per Year


Backup Services
Online file only backup £199 Per year, per Server with unlimited backup
£40 Per PC, Per year with unlimited backup


Anti-Virus & Spam Protection
Anti Virus & Spam Protection (1/2/3 Yr) £30
Advanced Spam Protection (Per user Per Year) £15.50
Advance Spam Protection with Mail Continuity (Per user Per Year)  £19.50


Fibre Optic Broadband, With Line Rental For Business 
Unlimited Fibre 2 £32.50
Line Rental £15.00
Total £47.50 + VAT


Internet and Network Equipment
Business Class Router £250
Business Class Access Point £220
Home Class Router £60
Home Class Access Point £60