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Our Repair Shops Services:

  • Laptop screen repairs
  • Tablet repairs and tablet screen repairs
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Laptop power jack repairs
  • PC & laptop upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Home wireless installation (WIFI)
  • Password removal
  • Anti-virus installation
  • System health checks
  • Spyware removal
  • Printing issues
  • Cat 5e/6e Cabling
  • Hardware sales
  • Broadband installation and help
  • Home network setup
  • Operating system Installation
  • Data recovery
  • Home call outs
  • Online backup


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  • Laptop screen repairs and tablet screen repairs (£60–£120)  – Laptop and tablet screens can usually be replaced same day or at maximum within three working days. We can replace all makes and models, whatever their aspect ratio, light source, resolution and connector type. If you Contact Us with your laptop model number (or have it near when you call) we will be able to quote a more accurate figure over the phone, or in person if you want to drop in.
  • Tablet Repairs (from £20) –  On a daily basis we are seeing tablets with broken screens, power jack failure, bad speakers and faulty headphone sockets. On the business side, setting up email accounts and linking devices to work servers is also a common task for AGT.
  • Virus/Malware Removal (£20–£30) – always a popular repair, AGT comes across all types of viruses, which are documented in our knowledge base and our blog. We can normally remove most infections without the need to format your system (in extreme cases a format maybe required).
  • Laptop power jack repairs (£65) – the power jack is a fragile part of the laptop; it can easily be damaged by the charger or a sharp knock, causing the laptop to no longer charge or power up. This repair involves opening the laptop up and soldering/connecting a new jack to the board.
  • PC and laptop upgrades (from £20)  – all upgrades undertaken: hard drive, RAM, CPU, optical drives, solid state drives, etc.
  • Software upgrades (from £20) – we install all types of software, such as accounting packages and design suites. Customers commonly aren’t confident in upgrading their existing software suite and ask AGT to perform the upgrade.
  • Home wireless installation (WIFI £60) – home call out to fix or setup a WIFI connection. This covers you for the first hour, and we operate a no-fix-no-fee policy (most call outs are resolved within the first hour).
  • Password removal (£20) – we can remove passwords on all Windows operating systems along with bios passwords.
  • Anti-virus installation (£20) – all of our repairs receive a free-for-life antivirus software package, and we also will install (or remove!) any antivirus packages you currently own or have recently purchased.
  • System Health checks/tunes ups (£45) –  full system hardware check; virus, spyware and malware scans; antivirus installation; all drivers and windows updates – these procedures will improve system reliability, speed and performance.
  • Printing issues (from £20) – we can easily remote into your systems to resolve any printing problems you are experiencing OR you can drop it into any of our shops for us to assess.
  • Cat 5e/6 cabling (please call for a quote) – home or business, we can design, install and repair all sizes of network cabling. We would need more information, but can give an approximate quote over the phone.
  • Hardware sales (from £20) – we stock most hardware peripherals, HDDs, RAM, SATA, VGA, HMDI and USB cables, routers, switches, and more.
  • Broadband installation and help (£60) – recently moved ISP and now your Internet has stopped working? Broadband constantly dropping out? We can visit your premises (home or business) and resolve the issue. Again, this is covered by our no-fix-no-fee policy.
  • Home network setup (£60) – if you are working from home or setting up a home office, we can help with installing the network, and setting up file sharing or any hosted services.
  • Online backup (£40 per year) – UNLIMITED automatic online backup for all of your computers from just £40 per year. Fast, secure, easy to use, and see your backed up files on the Web, iPhone, iPad or Android.