Are you set up to work anywhere, on any device at any time?

So, what a year this has turned out to be right? 


Who knew we’d be living in a world of social distancing and supermarket shopping in face masks  9 months ago? 


It’s been a huge time of change for everyone, in some ways bad but also there’s been some promising elements to come out of it all too. 


As we settle in for that brand new cliche of the ‘new normal’, many businesses have been able to test out and see that working from home and flexible working is actually a viable option for them long term, and now is a great opportunity to look at how you and your teams will be working in the future. 


Firstly, there are three main questions to consider here:


  • How will your business be dealing with these new working patterns?
  • Will your team be returning to as it was pre Covid-19?
  • Will some of your staff members be continuing on with remote working full or part time?


Secondly, have you thought about these issues when it comes to your IT support?


  • Will they have a work issued device to use at home and a computer for the office?
  • Will they bring their laptop back and forth?
  • Will they use a personal device at home and a work device in the office? 


There’s much to think about right? Whatever you decide, security should always be at the very forefront of your mind. 


Your IT support provider should be able to provide you with a FULL security checklist to ensure your data is NEVER compromised in the process. This should include whether your devices are up to date with their operating systems, any procedures for stolen devices, whether you can remotely restrict access to data, and even who will take responsibility to ensure all of these new processes are followed correctly. 


They should also be advising you on best practice when it comes to internal communication such as Microsoft Teams (check out our blog on that here


Plus, there’s your new IT infrastructure to consider too. E.g. Does your current VPN suit your needs? Do your devices work well together? Have there been any IT or comms problems your employees have encountered during the lockdown period?


Done properly, it should very well be a smooth transition, if it’s not, then it’s time to take a deeper look. Which is where we come in. 


Your friendly, local IT support team, on hand to provide you with all of the above. Let’s have a conversation and see what needs to be done for you. Get in touch here 

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