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We fix your IT problems fast, increase productivity and connectivity in your business. Founded out of a need for reliable IT support and services for business owners like you, we can help with every aspect of IT, either as your partner or providing complementary support to your existing IT team.

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I want to change my IT support company

Feeling frustrated with your current IT service provider? We get you, your IT provider shouldn’t just be about the computer jargon, it should be about building trust and about knowing that we’ve got your back.

We want a long term relationship. We’re here to provide you with IT peace of mind so you know you’re covered for every kind of IT eventuality. We can become a part of the family, your answer and your solution by pre-empting problems and solving them before they even appear on your radar.

We don’t want to start listing our services and how amazing we are at our job (because no doubt, you’ve heard it all before from other IT providers). So instead, we’ll let our current customers do the talking themselves…


SOS, our systems are down!

Panic stations! Alarms blaring! Systems are down! Huge project deadline fast approaching!

It’s ok, we can help with our three step approach!


Firstly, take a breath and be assured that pretty much most things can be fixed.


Our team of engineers are here and ready to roll, so simply give us a quick call or complete this form here.


Put the kettle on and know that we’re coming to save the day, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Now that’s sorted, then how about a plan of action to ensure you’re covered for next time? Quite simply, our Support Packages are there to protect you and avoid any SOS calls. We become an extension of you and the team, your own IT service department on call and ready to go.

To give you an idea, here’s a video on how we came to the rescue for one of our clients recently

I just want to ask a question

If you’d like a chat about our services and an idea on prices then this is the section where we can help you. Complete our form below or give us a call, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get back in touch to provide you with the answers… sorted!


Book a 15 min discovery call with our company director, to find out if AGT can help you

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