Company Values 


The world of IT is ever changing with technology advancements (we’re still waiting on the flying cars though) and we’re proud to be on top of it. One step ahead is where you’ll find us, we embrace change and never want to stop learning or innovating.

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Everyone is a Team Player

Displaying Solidarity is essential to every working relationship and Teamwork for us means just that. Everyone chips in from ideas to problem solving and everything in between.


Gone are the days of IT nerds and dark basement rooms (think Channel 4, IT Crowd?) That’s not us! Our office is brightly lit, and our conversation skills are top notch- we promise we’re a pretty friendly and approachable bunch.

Customer focused

We’re fully tuned into our customer needs and wants. We know we demand excellent customer service from start to finish so we’re adamant we provide exactly that for you too by putting ourselves into your shoes. We’ve even got some amazing testimonials to back that up if you fancy a gander…

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Dedication to you and your project. We work tirelessly fuelled on biscuits and tea. We stay in touch and ensure you know where we’re at and what we’re doing. 100% of support tickets and projects are completed & documented from start to finish. Any questions? Call us, we love a chat!

Our Story


    As a 21 year old working 60hr weeks in two jobs, I fixed a co-worker’s PC and received a Thank You card with £30 in – That was my ‘This is it!’ moment.  I’ve always been technical minded, especially as my Dad  was a programmer so I started researching and found a gap in the market installing home WiFi routers (Broadband providers used to provide only a USB modem or a non-WiFi router- neither of which were very good!)


    I took the plunge and went self-employed with a makeshift office in a garage. I’d travel around customer’s homes, replacing their broadband equipment with better performing, wireless-enabled devices. It was brilliant to see satisfied families able to use all their laptops and desktop computers (2005 flashback) on the WiFi and this ignited my passion to focus on improving people’s lives with technology.


    Shortly after, I started receiving enquiries from businesses looking for the above service so I started studying servers and their operating systems, qualifying in a Microsoft course in 2008.

    From there, I opened retail shops focusing on laptop repairs etc.


    This year saw a big increase on the B2B side –  meaning I could continue improving the way people work in business using technology.


    Over the past 10 years I’ve been joined by William and John (both of whom are now Directors and Owners of the company). William is brilliant with the introduction of innovative and new technology, ensuring our customers take full advantage, including Office 365 and the Cloud. John is the man with the finance brain and ensures we stay cash-flow positive and keeps our budget planning in check and ensures clients aren’t paying too much for licenses and services.


    We’ve now moved into bigger premises (see here) and designed our office exactly to our work and culture specifications. We solely focus on making our customers lives better with technology

    The rest, as they say, is History!

Founder Anthony Thackray

It all began with Anthony, who now supports our Directors William and John in growing AGT. Big fan of embracing change, providing unique IT support and ensuring we stay one step ahead of IT developments.

Operations Director William Thackray

William is always looking for the next big thing in technology and business. He’s the go-to guy for anything new and exciting in the world of IT, which is a pretty handy Director to have.

Financial Director John Tavernor

John is the MAN when it comes to all things finance and accounting, John ensures you’re not wasting money on unnecessary licences, software or hardware.

Technical Consultant Ryan Addams

Day to day responsibilities include monitoring and managing clients networks, servers and workstations.

Systems Engineer/Administrator Bryan Chapman

Monitoring of client servers and networks. 1st line response for all client problems and queries – logging trouble ticket and remote fix.

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