Back it up, Office 365!

We know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking, where can I find everything I need to know about backing up Office 365… are we right? Thought so! Luckily, we had the same idea so we put everything down in one place for you right here…


As a platform, Office 365 is super secure BUT it’s crucial that you’re aware that your data is NOT backed up as it should be. There’s no trawling through your recycle bins here, with only a 30 day retention period, once it’s gone, it’s gone, zilch, nada, eliminated forever. 


Well that’s not cool right? 


It’s up to YOU, the user, to safeguard your data on office 365, particularly as Microsoft cannot be held accountable for protection and data retention – which can lead to some pretty serious problems later down the line. What would happen if you lost it all, your spreadsheets, your word docs, your emails, your diary? Exactly, you need to back it up and quick!

How can I back up my Office 365?

It’s actually pretty straightforward once you get onto it – there’s a ton of solutions available and your talented IT service provider (who, us?) can advise on the best way forward for you and your business data.

The Office 365 solutions are also pretty darn flexible which means you can keep your data for as long as you like, plus you can tailor it to ensure you meet the compliance needs of your business, including GDPR.

They’re also easily scalable so it can grow with your business as it expands. You can restore info directly to the form required such as an Office 365 mailbox, an email attachment or a PST file. 


Great! So, how quickly can I install the Office 365 backup procedure?

The good news here is that it takes barely any time at all meaning there’ll minimal disruption to your day and your business once you’ve set it going. 


What does the Office 365 backup mean for my data safeguarding? 

All of your data on the platform will be safe and secure, plus a number of the solutions available also support Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business too. 


So, I need to recover data, how easy is that to do?

Very! You can find and restore specific data sets, plus on some of the solutions available you can enable quick search and item recovery including mailboxes, folders, messages and tasks in existing or archived – there when you need it! 


How often should I back it up?

We always advise backing up your data on the regular. They run in the background and have no impact whatsoever on how you use the Office 365 platform.

Most of the available backup solutions are done automatically which means you can cross that one off your to-do list!


So now that’s all your questions answered, we can give you a hand in finding the very best Office 365 backup solution for you! Simply drop us a line or give us a call here and we’ll get straight onto that for you. 

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