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Beware of Dodgy Imports

You’ve no doubt heard of the Black Market. It’s the illegal underground marketplace where goods are sold without any oversight, regulation and certainly no VAT. It’s a shadow economy where you may find a good deal on a device, but you may also get ripped off with no recourse. The Grey Market is a term used to describe a marketplace where goods are sold, many of them imports, that is legal, but they can be just as shady.

A wide variety of tech products, including computer hardware and smartphones, can be purchased through the Grey Market at bargain prices, but a what risk? Do these products even work? Is a high-end Chinese smartphone sold at an insanely low price an offer that is too good to be true. Is it worth finding out?

In the UK it can be difficult to purchase a name brand product like Sony or Samsung. Ordering online maybe the only option. Is is safe to do so? How comfortable are you purchasing an import by the name of Doogee or Gionee. For many, the Grey Market may be the only option. Of course suppliers in the UK would tell you not to patronize these markets, but they have a financial stake in this and they would prefer that you buy their products.

Here are a few things to be aware of when considering whether or not to make a purchase on an import:

Beware of Packing Tricks

Looks are deceiving. A brand new box may contain an old phone. Some of the components may be counterfeit as well. It’s a risk, especially when buying second hand goods: you don’t really know how many hands have been on them.

VAT fees

If you purchase computer hardware and the supplier has not paid VAT on it, you will be liable for those costs. You also run the risk of your new, inexpensive computer equipment being seized. Worse case scenario, you could be prosecuted.

No Tech Support, No Warranties

You can forget about the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with warranty protection. Even if your product does have a warranty, the supplier may not honor it if they think the equipment was obtained fraudulently. The same goes for free tech support. Having to pay for support or repairs on a nonfunctioning device may quickly cancel out any savings made in the initial purchase.

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