Managed Cyber Security

It can be difficult and expensive to find and retain the right cyber security products or expertise to keep your business secure. Why not outsource it? By partnering with us you’ll have on hand a knowledgeable and experienced security team whose job it is to keep your business secure, letting you focus on other areas.

Managed Cyber Security

Cyber Security Management

Cyber threats change all the time and the risk of being attacked has increased. Cyber threats can range from minor problems to potentially devastating attacks. Data theft and hacking is increasingly common in today’s landscape and someone in your business needs to keep abreast of the latest threats, updates and legislation.

Why not let our team help remove some of the worry?

Our specialist team can help you to build your cyber security capabilities, provide long term support and then help you to maintain your compliance or accreditations.

Imagine not having to worry about threats to your IT infrastructure, applications, data or users.

We offer this as an end-to-end managed service for a fixed fee.

cyber security protection

What Areas of Security Can We Help With?

As part of our cyber security management package we help you with:

threat management | access management |preventative maintenance |software patching |vulnerability management |security incident response |staff education and training |proactive security monitoring

Our packages are completely customisable, and we aren’t affiliated with or tied to any particular vendors. Meaning that we can offer you security services and support that exactly matches what you and your business needs.

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