The importance of speedy broadband for your business

There are a growing number of technologies that businesses can use to access speedy broadband or the Internet. For years, most businesses have used ADSL, which was limited to around 28mbps. With the rollout of fibre Internet, VDSL became the predominant form of Internet, this normally uses FTTC, which is fibre to the cabinet, it then uses copper for the connection to your home, and it is normally limited to around 70Mbps. Virgin Internet has been a popular option for years, and they have progressively been increasing the speeds available with gigabit currently available. More recently, many companies are rolling out FTTP, or Fibre to the premises. This is both via BT Openreach and CityFibre and will typically start at 150mbps and go up to 1000 Mbps. An increasingly popular option is to use 5G routers as a form of Internet access, in theory, this can hit gigabit speeds, but generally, it is a few hundred megabits per second.

What is speedy broadband?

Speedy broadband is a relatively loose term, encompassing a range of different types of internet connection. This includes:

Superfast broadband: Broadband connections of over 100 Mbps and up to 300 Mbps

Ultrafast broadband: Broadband connections of over 300 Mbps but less than 1 Mbps

Gigabit broadband: Broadband that supplies speeds of more than 1 Mbps, typically using full-fibre connections.

All of these options provide business premises with consistent access to high-speed download and upload capacity. Broadband refers to more than the download speed that individual devices receive, also including the WiFi connection on the premises and the connection that IoT objects have to the internet.

Benefits of speedy broadband for a business

There are several benefits of using speedy broadband in a business, including:

Website hosting

Some companies host their own websites on business servers. These companies do so as a means of cutting down on costs, as hosting your own servers means no subscription fees to external companies. However, hosting a popular website can strain your servers, increasing loading times and ruining the customer experience. By focusing on increasing the speed of a company’s broadband, you reduce load times and ensure that people have a reason to come back to your business.

More users

Faster broadband is ideal as it has more bandwidth. This means that users can have more devices on the network without degrading the quality of the service everyone receives. According to a government report, there are over 40,000 companies with more than 50 employees. A good broadband connection is a necessity for getting all of these staff members connected in a reliable way.

Media sharing

A significant part of working in a modern office is improving the media-sharing potential of the company. This means sending assets across the business, sending draft videos and content to clients and making quick edits to major files. Gigabit internet means receiving and adjusting files quickly, before sending them off again in no time at all. Companies work far more quickly with faster broadband connections, as a company’s output is much more flexible with potential for adjustments up until the last moment.

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