Wi-Fi as a Service

With the rise in popularity of wireless devices, BYOD, and work spaces becoming more flexible, having a reliable Wi-Fi network is essential.

Our service managed Wi-Fi service acts as an extension to your wired business network, giving your team freedom and peace of mind. We can design a bespoke network from the ground up, taking working areas, devices and footfall into account. Plus provide an easy way for your guests to connect to your network.

Business Wi-Fi infrastructure is dynamic and business demands or updates can put undue pressure on your wired service and network administrators. Our managed service removes additional cost and resources by leaving network monitoring and maintenance work to us.

Fast and easy to deploy, our fully managed WiFi service provides reliable coverage for one fixed monthly fee.

Why Managed Wi-Fi?

If you’re thinking about investing in a managed Wi-Fi solution for your business then you’re probably already aware of the benefits, but for the uninitiated, here is what you could benefit from.

customise wifi


Tailored to your business, the design and on-going monitoring of your managed network provide optional performance for your team.

network troubleshooting

Efficient Troubleshooting

Proactive network monitoring plus service visibility and access means that issues can be resolved quickly.

low downtime

Less Downtime

Continuous network monitoring means less down time, increased productivity and profits, and less headaches for you.

work anywhere

Flexible Working

Give your team the power to work where suits them best, and bring their own devices, without decreasing productivity.

advanced wifi

Future Proof

Ideal for growing businesses, you can access the newest wireless technologies and scale up your solution when needed.

secure wifi

Top Notch Security

Minimise the vulnerabilities of a wireless network with our flawless design, quality hardware and know-how.

cheap managed wifi

Reduced Costs

No more expensive call outs or in-house support required. Just pay a fixed monthly fee for all your Wi-Fi needs.

improve hotel wifi

Improved Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi is important to certain types of business, hotels and cafes for example. Our managed Wi-Fi service has a range of options to meet your business, and customer needs.

expert customer support

Expert Support

Support is on hand for all our customers via our service desk, get in touch with questions, network additions or to report a problem.

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