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It’s Now Easier to Change Broadband Providers

It’s now easier to change broadband providers thanks to new government rules. Anyone who has ever wanted to change their broadband provider understands how difficult and frustrating this process could be. Until just recently making this switch was so complicated and difficult for customers that many did not even bother. Providers certainly didn’t mind the fact that jumping through so many hoops completely discouraged even their most dissatisfied customers from finding a better deal elsewhere. The flip side of that coin was that providers wouldn’t be attracting much business away from their competitors either. This has changed thanks to the efforts of telecommunications and broadband regulator Ofcom. Starting in 2015, Ofcom was successful in working with the government to remove many of the obstacles that prevented consumers from having a true choice in the marketplace. They were able to eliminate the requirement for migration authorisation codes necessary to make the switch.

The 2015 rule change was a result of Ofcom’s consultation work in 2012. Through this work they were able to determine that the process for switching providers was so difficult on the consumer side, it in essence took the choice away from the consumer who wanted a better deal. The providers also could delay the transfer to the further frustrations of consumers. The solution, according to Ofcom, was to implement a single process. This new system, called “gaining provider led” ensures that it is now no longer the responsibility of the customer to contact their current provider to request switching.

Additionally, steps were put into place to protect providers against “slamming” where customers were misled into switching. The system helps protect against accidental switching, however this may occur, and makes sure provider/customer contracts are written more clearly in regards to what charges may be incurred when switching.

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