2020, what’s worked?

Aside from the obvious pandemic situation, we love taking a look back to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t over the past 12 months. 


A time for IT based reflection if you will… 


This year has undoubtedly been one of the strangest, most changeable, unsettled years of our lifetimes. 


But, ever the optimists we are, we believe there’s a lot to learn from it all too! 


  • What’s gone well for your business? 
  • What hasn’t worked out so well? 
  • And what do you want to do differently in 2021?


The unscheduled move to remote working has been a blessing in disguise for some businesses, after the initial upheaval of course, but many have found the new ‘normal’ works surprisingly well! Will your company be continuing to work remotely in the future post-pandemic world? Or will you be returning back to the ‘old normal’? Either way, it’s a good idea to plan what this means for your IT infrastructure (luckily, we’ve written a blog about that right here


Other things we’ve noticed are that businesses have saved money, they’ve found innovative new ways to continue and succeed, plus they’ve been able to use their technology in new and productive ways. We’re proud to say we’ve had a hand in helping our existing clients navigate their way through those hazy months of lockdown and still come out the other side on top! 

We’d love to hear your 2020 lookbacks, and we’d love to hear your 2021 plans even more. You know where to find us, and hopefully from reading our blogs, you’ll know what we can do for you! So, let’s talk… get in touch with our guys here.

Christmas IT support

PS: don’t forget we’re your 24/7 365 days a year IT support – we’ll be enjoying our turkey and trimmings, BUT we’re also on hand and right by the phone when you need us over the Christmas break. Merry Christmas all, have a fantastic one!

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