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The Request

All businesses have sensitive or confidential data, but some have requirements that go beyond the standard for data security, a fostering company is a prime example of one such business.

AGT were approached to develop a solution where data could be locked down, accessed only by specific users and where documents were only available to be viewed for a certain period of time.

The Analysis

Discussions with the business highlighted the level of importance of the data security, and that just a password protected document or device would be insufficient in order to maintain the confidentiality of the data. Regardless of the level of security required, Wi-Fi capability would still be needed on the device.

The Solution

Various types of software were tried and tested with the strengths and weaknesses of each one evaluated as to its suitability towards the requirements. The software must not only be able to password protect documents and data, but also the ability to print had to be removed and an expiry time or date needed to be applied too. Meaning the data would become inaccessible once certain criteria had been met, for example once it had been viewed or once it had reached a specific date or time.

Utilising multi-layered authentication we were able to achieve the level of security the business needed, meaning if the tablet was lost or stolen no data could be accessed and an additional failsafe allowed the tablet to be wiped remotely if there was any doubt it could be compromised.

Once the software was found that met all the required criteria, it was then loaded onto a tablet, configured for testing and presented to the customer to ensure it fulfilled their requirements.

The Outcome

With the authentication in place, the applications were locked down and the tablet and SD card were encrypted – meaning if someone even tried to hack the tablet using an SD card it would become encrypted and therefore be rendered useless.

Several tablets were loaded and configured with the necessary security requirements and enabled for Wi-Fi access, proving to carry out exactly what was needed. These tablets are now being used throughout the business.

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