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The Request

AGT were asked to help accommodate a proposed office relocation for a large company. Where relocations are involved the logistics must be planned down to the last detail, ensuring minimal impact to the business and that any unnecessary downtime doesn’t occur.

The Analysis

An audit was carried out of the existing office and infrastructure as well as at the proposed new location. This enabled us to clearly identify our involvement as well as highlight any potential problems that may arise or benefits to the business that could be incorporated into the relocation.

The Solution

With careful planning and liaison with 3rd parties, the preparation stages involved working out the infrastructure requirements at the new office, from the basic cabling and power needs through to the network and phone needs including the procurement of new kit where needed.

It was identified that the business would benefit from some new hardware, with the relocation providing an ideal time to implement this new hardware. This consisted of new, higher specification servers and new VOIP phones.

We arranged for the new site to have three ADSL broadband lines installed, two of the lines to be used for load-balancing and the third line for the SBS/Exchange server. Getting the lines in place prior to the move is essential so that all machines could be plugged in and up and running as soon as they arrive at the new location.

The Outcome

The relocation was a success. With the infrastructure ready in place at the new location the users were back up and running in no time, along with new virtualised servers running on the network and VOIP phones installed ready to use.

After the work AGT carried out on installation and configuration of the VOIP network, we were granted reseller rights through the VOIP suppliers . Another example of how AGT is constantly building trusted, reliable working relationships within the IT and Data industry.

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