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Cloud Backup for Servers, Files and Folders, Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup Services
Losing any kind of data can be a traumatic and heart stopping experience. This is especially true for businesses, where this kind of loss can have serious consequences. Let the cloud work for you, and help keep your important information safe through whatever life (and Mother Nature) hurl your way.

With Cloud Backup Services, you can:
• Create a quick, automatic backup system that “just works.”
• Prevent the loss of your important files and folders.
• Keep files and folders safe in a remote location independent of your physical office.
• Recover from disasters as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Cloud Backup for Servers
You might think that setting up a backup system will be an arduous or complicated process that needs constant attention, but using the cloud couldn’t be simpler! All it takes is a little initial time and effort to set up, and then it works in the background to keep your files and folders safe. Your data will be safely stored in a remote location. Not only can this help if your server malfunctions, but it can also make migration a lot easier and less worrisome than ever before.

Disaster Recovery
Sometimes things happen that are simply out of your control. When natural disasters or accidents occur, hardware stored on your jobsite will be in jeopardy – which means that all of the information stored within that hardware is in danger. Whether you experience unfortunate flooding or even a fire, cloud backup for servers can be an invaluable tool that will help get you back on track. The cloud helps minimize downtime by ensuring that your information is kept safe, which means that you can vastly reduce your losses after a disaster.

Online backup: £199 per year, per server with unlimited backup.

Solutions for Any Size
Whether you need backup services for one server or ten, cloud backup for servers offers the solution you need. You’ve worked hard creating something of which you’re proud – now you can protect that investment and rest assured that your files and folders will always be safe and up-to-date.