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Office 365

Everyone wants services that are both convenient and secure, but it’s rare to find one that actually fits the bill. You deserve the best service possible that keeps your documents and correspondence safe without the hassle – and with Office 365 and cloud office services, that’s exactly what you receive.

With Office 365 and cloud office services, you can:

  • Keep your email safe from viruses or hardware failure.
  • Sync your calendar, email, and contacts across multiple devices.
  • Conduct video, voice, and conference calls with Skype.
  • Access to Microsoft Office for one person and up to five devices – future updates included!

Keep Your Email Data Secure

Email is a vital tool in today’s professional environment, and a lot of information is stored in your inbox. In fact, your inbox is one of the most important areas to keep fully backed up and secure. It’s also the area most often neglected when setting up a data backup system. Cloud office and business class email can help ensure that your emails are never lost.  Whether you lose your phone or your hardware is corrupted by a virus, our services ensure your email is completely synchronized across multiple PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Convenience and Simplicity

Another vital tool is Microsoft Office – indeed, the software is so widely used that it’s difficult to imagine anyone not needing it. In addition to business class email support and cloud office services, we can help you take advantage of Microsoft Office in a few different ways. You can either obtain the suite at £200 per license or then purchase the upgraded versions as they’re released, or you can use Office 365.

Office 365 is a cloud solution that eliminates the need for an expensive Microsoft Exchange server or Microsoft Office Suite. It costs £93.60 per year, per person and includes Microsoft Office Suite and any future updates on up to 5 devices for each user, One Drive for businesses, Skype for businesses, and Microsoft Exchange Online.


Office 365 Business Premium: £93.60 per year per user

AGT Migration Price: £95.00 per year per user