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Cloud VOIP

There are two types of telephone technology: Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and Voice over IP (VOIP). POTS is the old copper line BT install, and VOIP is a telephone service that plugs into the internet and allows you to call people.

VOIP has radically changed the way we communicate. It is a highly customizable service that comes with a huge amount of features and benefits that you need in this technology-centric age. With cloud VOIP, you can even unplug your phone from your office desk and take them anywhere in the world! This allows you to simply plug back into the internet and use your local number, regardless of where in the world you’re currently situated. You can even sit on a beach in the Bahamas drinking out of a coconut and pretend it’s a cold, rainy day in Blackpool with a mug of tea!

For pricing information, see below:

The physical phones range from £75 - £250 per phone.

telephone 1telephone 2telephone 3

Subscriptions range from £9.99 per month per phone, however AGT recommend the Premium package at £27.99 per month or £299.88 per year per phone.

The Premium package includes:

  • 2500 minutes per phone (includes Mobile, Landline, Freephone and 0845)
  • Full Call Management and Phone System Administration.
  • Internet Fax – With internet fax you can throw away your old fax machine and email to fax instead.
  • Call waiting, transfer, mute, hold and conferencing.
  • Auto-Receptionist (Press 1 for Sales, 2 for accounts etc)
  • Customisable hold music, greetings and voicemails
  • Applications for your smartphone. Allows you to make and receive calls from your business number – never have to give out your personal mobile again!
  • HD Video Meetings
  • 24/7 Phone Support.


We charge £95.00 per phone for installation – this includes free 30 days of aftercare from AGT.