Distance makes no difference

Fun fact for you today, did you know over 90% of IT issues can be resolved remotely? Yep, true story! 


Why are we mentioning this? Because, after speaking to some of our wonderful clients recently, we’ve had a few questions about whether location matters for your IT service provider – in the short answer, no! 


Now for the longer explanation… 


Here at AGT, we have not one but THREE North West offices (Lytham St. Annes, Preston and Manchester) so if we need to be onsite, we absolutely can be there, as and when you need us (and we always enjoy getting out to see our clients in person. The art of face to face conversation still lives on, especially post Covid-19 when we’ve all been starved of real life interactions). However, we also have a number of systems in place which enable us to be on hand for you remotely too. 


How soon can we get to you? 


Physically? Providing you’re in the North West, we always aim to be on site with you from one of our 3 locations on the same day! Distance is never an issue or a hassle and with the added perk of seeing an AGT team member in person – it’s a win win situation. 


Virtually? We’re always available. As we’ve mentioned before, our IT services run 365 days a year. 24/7 so if you’re having an IT meltdown, we can remotely access from wherever we are and get things solved, sorted and back on track for you as quick as a flash! 


What systems enable us to do this?


We LOVE our cloud based systems, seriously, we’d remotely marry a cloud based system if we could! This means that all of your data is safely and securely accessible without the need to physically be there in person to get it. Security is always our top priority, and we’ll never let you work on anything which isn’t encrypted and triple padlocked, with an added deadbolt just in case. Checkout some of our systems right here. 


If you’d like a free IT audit to assess whether your current systems are shipshape, secure and accessible then we can help with that. Simply, send us a message on here and we’ll be right back in touch to discuss this with you and set up a meeting. 


If you’re unsure whether cloud based IT services are the right fit for you, then let’s talk. We’ll find out what you want to achieve and how you work currently to find the best IT service for you and your company. 


As straightforward as that! We look forward to seeing you online or in person soon! 


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