IT things to be aware of this month!


  • Multi-factor authentication – are you using it yet? 



We recommend you absolutely should be! 


Here’s why: 


Those annoying cyber criminals are repeatedly coming up with new ways to target businesses and their data, and so the more security you have in place, the less likely you are to be hacked, it’s as simple as that. 


So what is Multi-factor authentication?

It’s basically another level of safety for you when you or your team are logging into apps.
You’ll recognise it from things like logging into your bank account or anything which requires a high level of security. 


How does it work? 

You enter your password, then when you move onto the next screen, you agree to have a code texted to your phone with a second, single-use only password. This ensures it’s you who is requesting access and not a hacker from another location. 


You can use it to access a variety of apps that hold any data which you’d rather not fall into the wrong hands. 


It’s also incredibly easy to set up. 


What do you need to know?


There’s tons of different ways to do multi-factor authentication to protect your business’s data and these include:


  • Text message approach – in all honesty, it’s better than having nothing at all BUT it’s also the least secure of them all so try these instead…
  • Generating a code to your mobile phone – a safer method. 
  • Using a small (but extra special) USB device which must be plugged into your laptop.


Need a hand setting it up? You know where to find us, but just in case, here’s our details 



  • Still using Windows 7? STOP! 🛑



It was good while it lasted, it was a great operating system, it really was but if you’re still using it then you could be putting yourself at risk! Now we’re not the kind of people who employ scare tactics but we are incredibly passionate about data security which is why we’re giving you the heads up. 


Some data we recently saw from research company, Net Applications revealed that Windows 7 is still being used on 23.4% of PC’s. That’s almost a quarter… not cool. 


Why is it such an issue? 


When it was discontinued in January of this year, that meant that there are ZERO security patches, software updates or tech assistance from the people at Microsoft. 


Because of this, hackers (yeah, we hate these guys) are actively targeting Windows 7 users, because it’s an easy way in. In fact, over in the US, the FBI have released a formal warning highlighting the dangers. 


What do you need to do? 


If any of your machines are still on Windows 7, then you need to make it a priority to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately! Let’s get that sorted for you ASAP. Give us a bell here 


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