Let’s Team Up!

Things have been a little… different lately. 


Ok, that’s a major understatement! Things have been completely turned upside down for many, including the transition to working from home. How’s that gone for you? Has it been smooth and straightforward or has it catapulted your business into a world you never expected? 


On the bright side, it’s also given a lot of companies the opportunity to work with new systems and find better ways of communication between the staff. 


If remote working is still looking like a longer term prospect for you, then you may have questions such as: 


  • How will I continue to conduct meetings professionally?
  • How can documents be shared, added to and refined easily?
  • How will I keep staff motivation and morale up without face to face contact? 


That’s where a programme like Microsoft Teams steps in. 


This month, we’ve created a step by step guide for you to use this programme really effectively from now right up until you’re back in the post Covid-19 world (whenever that may be) 


Step 1 – Download! If you have Microsoft 365, then you already have it (you’ll just need to

download it). If not, there’s a free plan if you’d like to suss it all out before making a commitment. And a month’s free trial for businesses.


Log in to OneDrive to access your docs


Add the app to all your devices to access wherever you are. 


Step 2 – Create your teams! This can be done via department, management level, project team etc…


Step 3 – Create your channels! For example, yours might consist of a channel for product development, one for marketing, one for sales, another for design, etc. 


Or it could be made up of different projects, such as one for each different product in the range. All of the docs, conversations, apps and meetings that relate to a product or project would be held within that channel and everyone in the team can access it.


Step 4- Set up a meeting! Using the Meet Now function, you can schedule a catch up, decide if you’re using video or audio and invite people to join at a specific time and date – as straightforward as that.  


Step 5 –  Save on time! If you’re a member of various projects and teams across the company, you can pin the ones you deem as most important or most used to ensure you can access them quickly and easily.


Step 6 –  Get personal! Teams allows you to personalise your view to make it easier for you on a daily basis. Oh and if you’re a fan of a GIF, there’s even a handy little button for that. 


Step 7 – Stay updated! Turn on your notifications to ensure you never miss out on any important updates. You can select the relevant people to receive a notification and you can keep an eye on what’s been going on recently using the activity function. 

For the full step by step usage guide, we’d be happy to send this to you! Simple get in touch via our contact details here and quote ‘Microsoft Teams AGT assistance’ and we’ll get that straight over to your inbox! 


Any questions in the meantime, then just shout! We’re here to help. 

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