Managing your IT Support over Christmas

It’s almost CHRISTMAS and therefore time for our final blogs of the year… but no fear, we’ll be back with plenty more in 2020! Before we hit the mulled wine though, we wanted to briefly discuss your Christmas IT strategy, and how to ensure your IT service and IT support is effectively managed over the festive period. 

Many companies choose to run on skeleton staff over the festive period, so for those who will be working in the office, it’s key to make sure they’re fully briefed on everything they need to know and also the action plan for any system emergencies (we’ll cover this bit in a sec). 


What’s your strategy? Is your server cloud based to ensure that documents etc can be sourced if needed? Are any of your staff members working remotely and accessing the systems from home? What happens if there’s a system meltdown whilst you’re tucking into your Boxing Day leftovers? Don’t panic, we do have an out of hours emergency contact number and we’re also on call throughout Christmas and New Year, so if there is a problem, make sure your team has our IT support number ready to hand and we’ll get straight on with solving the problem (whilst tucking into our own turkey leftovers too). 


We sincerely hope you won’t require our services over the next few weeks, because your IT systems should be running as straightforward as ever, so if not then we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2020. From all of us at AGT, have a flippin’ fantastic time, and we’ll see you on the other side. 


Cheers from us! 

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