Those awkward questions to ask your IT Support company Part 2

Following on from our last blog, we’re talking about those awkward as hell questions you should probably (definitely) be asking your IT support company before signing up to work with them 


Here at AGT, we’re as upfront and honest as you can get. So, what next? 


  1. What’s your customer retention rate? 

In the world of IT support, customer retention should be high. If an IT support company delivers what it promises to deliver, is easy to communicate with, and charges a fair price for this, a customer is unlikely to leave them for someone else. It’s simply too much hassle if they’re happy with the service.  So what’s the deal if their retention rate is low? This is definitely something to ask and take into consideration when making your decision 


Here at AGT: We pride ourselves on our high customer retention rate, in fact, our current retention rate stands at  100% for the month of May 2020 and you can see our live stats at the bottom of our homepage here

We also have a number of video testimonials from our clients – so you can be happy you’re hearing exactly what you need straight from the horse’s mouth. 


  1. How much of your revenue comes from fixing problems rather than anticipating them? 

This is a good one! As we all know, prevention is better than cure. 

So where possible, things SHOULD be put in place to reduce the risk of a disaster happening within your network. Of course, you can never protect your business 100% when it comes to the failing of technology. But you can make sure you’re taking every possible step to try. So if your IT support company is making more money from fixing problems, it probably means that they’re not spending enough of their time on preventative measures. In turn, that means you’ll be spending more money than you need to on keeping your business safe. 


Here at AGT: We plan ahead for every eventuality. Updates are made on time; regular back-ups are taken; and we run 24 hour monitoring so that we can act immediately should we need to. Often, problems are fixed before you even know you have a problem, we’re like the IT stealth version of ninjas. 


  1. What’s the worst IT disaster you’ve ever dealt with and how did you solve it? 

Anyone who has worked in IT for any amount of time will usually have dealt with a disaster of some scale. Knowing why it happened and the steps that were taken to resolve it will tell you more about a company than them listing all of their good points.

Here at AGT: We’re cool, calm and collected. We have disaster recovery programmes in place and we know EXACTLY what we need to do to solve things quickly and efficiently. Any issues we’ve dealt with in the past have been a learning experience and something we always use as a way to fine tune our services going forward. 


So, now the awkward bit is out the way! We’d be delighted to have a chat and answer these questions in more detail for you! Get in touch here and let’s talk 

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