When video killed the… remote working vibe

Ok, that’s not the lyrics but you get the jist! 


You’re all set up for your 11am video call with your client, things are going well, pleasantries have been exchanged and you’re just about to start screen sharing that big presentation and… 


They’ve gone, you’ve lost them and your internet connection has failed you! 


Is there anything more frustrating than a broken con…sation when… can’t …. hear…  sorry what was that? 


It was to be expected, with more people now working from home, video calling, working online, streaming music, films and TV, all at the same time. 


Things were never going to be working at the optimum levels you expect in an office but it’s not exactly helpful for your productivity is it? 


So, what can be done for you and your team? 


  • Check what services and coverage are available in your locations. Are you and your staff with the best provider or would a move be a better solution? 
  • Could you subsidise your team members to move to a better and faster internet provider? 
  • Check the routers. Is there a better option for the kind of work you do? Would a range extender solve any issues? 


We understand this remote working life presents its own problems, but there’s usually a way around it when you’re given the right tools for the job. 


What can we do? 

We can check these for you. 

We can provide advice on upload and download speeds.

We can find the best providers for you in your area.

We can basically ensure your internet connectivity at home is as top notch as it would be back in your office (those were the days, hey!) 


Here at AGT, we’re your IT support system wherever and whenever you’re working, your handy go to people for ‘Help, why is this not working?’, your ‘maybe I need a better way of working’ team. We’ve got your back. Need a hand? Get in touch via our contact details here 


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