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Working from home IT support

Working from Home- how to be 100% on it

If working from home is a whole new kettle of fish for you, then it can feel like a mixture of ‘Wow! Look at all this freedom!’ to ‘I miss the structure of the office’. That’s normal, in fact it’s to be expected. BUT, it’s important to ensure you keep your normal working day as structured as possible (although some things can be overlooked such as working in PJs… unless you’re video calling a major client of course). 

Working from home, Coronavirus IT support

Taking your IT remote during Coronavirus

As you can imagine, we’ve been chockablock helping all of our clients move their IT systems to remote access. Workers across the country are now being asked to work from home for the foreseeable future, and we’re working hard to ensure all high levels of IT security and IT privacy remain at 100% for everyone despite their new home working locations. 


Avoid the 2020 problem

T’is the season for food, drinks and family time! Christmas is almost upon us but before you go, there’s time to put some things in place to ensure you start 2020 off on the right foot… it’s not only a new year after all, but it’s also a new decade! 


Managing your IT Support over Christmas

It’s almost CHRISTMAS and therefore time for our final blogs of the year… but no fear, we’ll be back with plenty more in 2020! Before we hit the mulled wine though, we wanted to briefly discuss your Christmas IT strategy, and how to ensure your IT service and IT support is effectively managed over the festive period. 

AGT IT Support

Questions you should be asking your new IT provider, and the answers you should be hearing

Your IT company should be an extension of your team, they should be the missing cog which enables the wheel to carry on effortlessly turning whilst you crack on with all the other aspects of your business, safe in the knowledge that your IT is secure, protected and working!

How to beat email hackers

Email Hijackers… beware, we’re onto you!

Ok, so as a Business owner or CEO, you don’t expect to come back off holiday to find you’re £24,000 out of pocket right? What a way to head back down to reality with a crash. Unfortunately, this tale of woe has happened very recently to one of our new clients. Whilst abroad, hackers who have been monitoring his emails for a while, swooped in to change the payment details to one of his main suppliers. His staff didn’t notice the switch, and voila, the hackers were suddenly £12k richer. 


Windows 7 is dying. Here’s what to do about it

If your business still runs Windows 7, then you need to take urgent action.


11 scary signs your business has been hacked. Have you seen any?

To help you out, we've created the following guide to see if you or your business has been compromised. This guide is free for all business owners and managers – download your copy here.


WhatsApp is not a secure way to run your business. Here’s a better way

Do your staff use WhatsApp to discuss company business?



Your business is at risk right now. Hackers are targeting businesses all day every day.


Why putting off upgrading your IT infrastructure is a big mistake

Maintaining your IT infrastructure is an essential requirement – but understanding what to upgrade (and when) can be a real challenge.


My take on Microsoft 365 in 2019

My take on #Microsoft

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