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Code Galaxy asked for advice and support in developing systems to assist with their marketing projects. They wanted to make the IT processes simpler and more efficient within their business, to operate at their full potential.

Service Used

The Analysis

Code Galaxy offer email marketing as one of their services. To enable them to provide this service, they needed a server to host their email systems. For the email system to perform effectively, it was vital for the sever to be powerful enough to run multiple systems. Code Galaxy were also concerned that their business emails would end up in junk boxes and wanted help to maximise their marketing potential. In addition to this, Code Galaxy wanted a shared drive to easily access documents across the company in a secure method.

The Solution

We ordered Code Galaxy a server and installed it in our rack at the data centre. We also changed their emails to Microsoft exchange. To offer them more benefits from their email system, we provided with them access to calendars to multiple devices, that are all synced. We also set up a shared drive for Code Galaxy, where they can save any files and documents to this. There are different levels of access depending on role within the business.

The Outcome

We have made the email marketing system strong and effective for Code Galaxy, it helps them to maintain a much-needed service to their clients. In addition, the process within Code Galaxy is lean. Team members can communicate effectively, they can access relevant files and identify any meetings or conferences that the team will be attending – which allows them as a team to plan more efficiently. Overall, Code Galaxy benefit from being assured that their IT systems are maintained and monitored, and it saves them time so they can focus on what they do best.

“We have known Will and Anthony at AGT for over 10 years and I could not recommend them highly enough. We have a lot of in-house experience and knowledge when it comes to IT support, yet we know that putting our IT in the safe hands of AGT, saves us time, stress and money. The team are genuinely nice guys, who will go out of their way to make sure your issues or queries are dealt with quickly and accurately. We will continue to use AGT for all things IT.”

Nicky Speakman
Code Galaxy - Director

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